Custom 3D Printed Lithophanes

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Historically, lithophanes can be found throughout art history as images etched or molded into very thin, translucent porcelain that could only be seen clearly when back lit. Now, modern 21st century technology can bring your memories to life with these 3D printed lithophanes! 

These three-dimensional representations of your favorite two-dimensional pictures are custom made in a special graphic image editor and then 3D printed using white polylactide thermoplastic, which is derived from renewable resources. This process renders every detail of your image by printing the plastic image in varying thicknesses. In normal lighting the lithophane's surface texture shows image details, but introduce a backlight behind the object and your picture pops to life! Placed in front of a window or other strong light source, this unique way to display your family photos will be your new favorite conversation piece. These curved lithophanes stand 4 5/8 inches high and sit on an attached flat rectangular base that measures 4 inches wide and 1 3/16 inches deep.

Lithophanes are designed and printed by Connor Varney.

After purchase, you will be contacted and asked to email a digital photo of your choosing to be used for the creation of your product.

Price includes shipping. For local item pickup within a 40 mile radius of Pikeville, Kentucky, please contact us for reduced pricing.